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Big Baby

Available in: Big Baby Taylor 
Shown: BBTe

Available in: Big Baby Taylor 
Shown: BBTe




Overview: The biggest of our small bodies, the Big Baby is just shy of a full-size guitar.

Big Dreadnought tone and volume in a portable package.

  • 15/16-size Dreadnought
  • Arched back for added strength
  • Great for all playing styles

Slightly bigger than a Baby Taylor but just shy of a full-size guitar, the Big Baby Taylor is ideal for easy-playing, great-sounding guitar fun. The overall size keeps you in the “portable” category, yet with an extra dose of volume and fullness. Like the Baby, the Big Baby has an arched back that provides strength and contributes to its big tonal output.

The Baby Taylor’s upsized sibling is nearly a full-size Dreadnought (15/16 scale) that yields a more robust voice. It’s another great option as an affordable starter guitar, and its layered wood back and sides make it a resilient, travel-friendly companion for all kinds of players.

Specifications:   Body Length: 19 1/2" / Body Width: 15-1/10th" / Body Depth: 4"


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