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Authorized Taylor Service Centers

Taylor Guitars has certified warranty Service Centers available in various locations around the globe. The Service Centers listed here have successfully completed the training required by Taylor Guitars and are authorized to perform warranty services. Warranty claims can be made directly at any of the Taylor Certified Service Centers listed. You are not required to contact Taylor Customer Service prior to visiting a Service Center. However, please call the Service Center prior to shipping your guitar.

Taylor maintains an international network of reputable repair persons and will be happy to look for a referral near you. If you are unable to locate a Certified Taylor Service Center in your area, please contact Taylor Customer Service via the contact information found below. 


United States and Canada: 


Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (PST)


+31 (0) 20 667 6033

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (CET)


To learn more about our Customer Service Repair Service Policy, please visit

Find A Local Service Center

Warranty Service Levels

Warranty services are provided to the original owner of any model Taylor Guitar. Warranty services are provided when it is determined there is a manufacturing issue with the instrument. To obtain a valid warranty you must purchase a new Taylor Guitar from an authorized Taylor Guitars dealer as the original owner.

All warranty services must be approved by Taylor Guitars before service is started.

All Non-Warranty Services provided by any service center or dealer are solely the responsibility of the customer and the service center or dealer. Taylor Guitars has no responsibility for any and all Non-Warranty Related Services provided by any service center or dealer at any service level listed.

Warranty Service Levels for Taylor Guitars include: Silver, Silver Plus, Gold, Premier


The Silver level service centers are there to provide you with the basics of warranty service for your Taylor Guitar. Most all warranty related services will fall under Silver level. Silver level warranty service consists of the following:

1. Humidity diagnostics and service
2. Taylor neck angle adjustments (NT)
3. Saddle replacement / saddle action adjustment
4. Instrument Tuner replacement
5. Pick Guard replacement
6. Truss rod adjustments
7. Basic nut string height adjustments
8. All electronics services. These services consist of part replacements up to and including full updates of the original system.
9. Intonation
10. Under saddle pickup balancing

Silver Plus

1. Nut replacements **
2. Bridge re-glue up to and including bridge replacement **
3. Seating frets / Fret leveling **
4. Satin Finish repairs **

**when it is deemed warranted

Gold Level

Gold level consists of Silver and Silver Plus as well as these added warranty services

1. Partial and full re-frets **
2. Buffing gloss finish **
3. Ding repairs /crack repairs **
4. Classic Series Taylor Instrument neck resets. Pre-2001 serial numbered guitars **
5. Advanced humidity services and repairs **

**when it is deemed warranted


Premier level is our only factory level service centers.  Our Premier level centers have been working alongside us here at the El Cajon Taylor Guitars factory for over 15 years. This means every year they are here working on new techniques alongside our team. Working with our Premier Level team on warranty services is one and same as Taylor Guitars El Cajon or Taylor Guitars Amsterdam service centers.

An Introduction to Guitar Repairs

We highly recommend you go to an authorized Taylor service center if you are in need of guitar repairs. Authorized service center guitar technicians have undergone training with Taylor guitars in our guitar repair methodology and learned the specific needs a Taylor guitar may need for proper care.

Structural repairs like fixing cracks, braces and headstocks or bridge replacement should ideally be performed by an authorized service center. However, if your guitar is no longer under warranty, then there are highly competent service centers outside our officially trained service network that can perform repairs. Be sure to research your unauthorized service team carefully by reading reviews and testimonials, or talking to your friends and other musicians for a reference.

While structural repair is the most sensitive fix you can make on your guitar and should be approached with the utmost care, there are more common repairs that are important as well. You may need to re-fret, crown, polish or level the frets on your guitar. This can be a delicate process as well, though perhaps not as intensive as guitar repairs to the body of your instrument. Nut and saddle replacement is another common repair that can be done by most guitar techs.

Then there are some repairs that are more like in-depth maintenance, such as adjusting the action and truss rod, correcting intonation, and so on. This is a guitar repair in the same way that having a thorough tune-up on your car is a car repair. It will extend the life of your guitar and keep it sounding its best if you routinely have it in for a tune-up with a professional service center.

Another guitar repair option to consider is one of Taylor’s several Factory Service Packages, which are offered at Taylor’s Factory Service Centers in El Cajon, CA, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Four featured packages include Refresh, Revive, Renew and Rejuvenate, each covering a different range of services. Another option is the installation of Taylor’s Expression System 2 pickup. For more details, visit the Factory Service Package page.