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Taylor Guitars Customer Guitar Repair Service Policy

A burning passion for improving the guitar-playing experience has guided Taylor Guitar’s growth from a small shop to an industry-leading manufacturer — now 100% employee owned. Taylor Guitars strives for excellence and professionalism in both guitar manufacturing and in providing the best possible customer service and guitar repairs.

This policy is not intended to cover:

  • Complaints about the performance of specific employees, which are handled by the department manager in conjunction with the specific department.
  • Other Legal considerations, outside the scope of customer service or guitar repairs.

Taylor Guitars Warranty

All customer service claims related to a Taylor guitar must meet the warranty eligibility requirements of the specific jurisdiction in which the customer is located. Taylor Guitar’s country specific warranty language can be found at

In addition to the procedures detailed below, all of the above warranty requirements will also apply with respect to a customer service request to repair or replace a Taylor guitar.

Guitar Repair

  • Subject to the above provisions and the applicable Taylor Guitars warranty, when a customer brings in or sends Taylor Guitars their guitar for repair (or in limited circumstances a replacement), the applicable Taylor Guitar’s representative will receive the customer’s guitar, create a customer specific service ticket (detailing the customer’s contact information), and record the reason or issue for the customer’s guitar being sent or brought in to Taylor Guitars.
  • Taylor Guitars will provide periodic status updates to the customer, detailing how the customer’s issue will be resolved.
  • Once the customer’s issue has been resolved, the applicable Taylor Guitars representative will contact the customer to arrange for the guitar to be given back to the customer. In the event the customer requests Taylor Guitars return their guitar by mail, the customer will be responsible for any and all shipping fees or costs associated with returning the guitar to the customer.
  • The customer must pay all of the applicable fees (which will vary depending on the nature and extent of the repairs) before Taylor Guitars will return the customer’s guitar. Taylor Guitars reserves the right to hold the customer’s guitar until payment has been received in full (subject to the below provisions).
  • Taylor Guitars relies on effective communication with its customers to provide the best possible customer service. Taylor Guitars will continually reach out to the customer for status updates. In the event Taylor Guitars does not receive a response from the customer after five (5) attempts of correspondence within a given year or the customer does not make the required payments as defined above, the following will apply:
    • Taylor Guitars will hold the customer’s guitar for up to one year from the fifth (5) unanswered correspondence to the customer. After the forementioned period expires, the customer relinquishes possession and all applicable warranty claims to and in the guitar
    • For clarity, If the customer is unresponsive after five (5) attempts of correspondence from Taylor Guitars and the guitar has been in the possession of Taylor Guitars for at least the above one-year period, or the customer has failed to make the required payments as defined above, Taylor Guitars will regain ownership of the guitar and may resell the guitar to recoup its losses.
    • In no event will the customer be able to regain title or possession of the guitar after Taylor Guitars has regained ownership of the guitar.

For additional information regarding Taylor Guitars customer service or guitar repair policy, please contact Taylor Guitars Customer Service at or 1-800-943-6782.