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Taylor neck
Taylor neck

The Taylor Neck

The playability of a Taylor guitar neck is second to none. Our patented neck design ensures superb intonation and lasting stability.

We wrote the book on playability.

For decades, Taylor’s easy-playing guitar necks have stood alone as the gold standard of playing comfort in the acoustic guitar world. From a sleek, hand-friendly profile to a neck joint design that connects the neck to the body with incredible precision, you can count on supreme playability. Below are a few reasons to love the Taylor neck.


Less hand fatigue.

It starts with a comfortably slim neck profile, which is designed to be inviting and approachable for many different playing styles. Our patented neck joint also allows the string height above the frets (a.k.a. the “action”) to be set low, which makes it easier to fret the strings and form chords.

Unmatched consistency.

Our neck design takes advantage of our precise manufacturing tolerances, which allows us to deliver signature playability with a consistent setup on every guitar. That means you don’t have to play a bunch of Taylors to find a good one.


At some point, a guitar will need a neck angle adjustment. Our neck joint was designed with serviceability in mind. With our glue-free assembly and precision spacers, that angle can be adjusted in minutes by a certified guitar technician, ensuring a lifetime of great playability and sound.

Learn More About the Taylor Neck

Take a deeper dive into our innovative neck design and the ways it will enhance your playing experience. 

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